This is very simple dynamic processor from Alesis company. It has only three controls -input(also a compression amount control),release,and In , Alesis Studio Electronics, and associates put on the market a range of effects and processors numriques, called MICRO SERIES. The Alesis MICRO LIMITER is a true stereo in/stereo out compressor/limiter which is used for automatic gain riding, peak limiting, and special effects on both live.

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Furthermore, each box comes with its own 9 volt power supply and an excellent manual. As with all early attempts at polyphony, my string synthesizer was based on simple electronic organ technology aesis involved an enormous number of connections in a wiring ‘loom’. I reserved my judgement of the third addition to the Alesis Micro range until last.

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Certainly, there was a change; not a great change but a very subtle one. Even when the input signal is below that limit, it can be compressed so that for every four decibel rise in the input signal the output will only rise by, say, two decibels. I do have some reservations, however. It’s just that, to mlcro ears, the Alesis units sounded cleaner and were stereo rather than mono.

Alesis Micro Limiter

The first product in the Micro series was the bit Microverb which, like its larger forebears, produces real studio quality digital reverb at a truly affordable price.

By comparison, the Boss gate was completely silent when switching. Beehiving is always present, it’s just that it tends to stand out more when the instrument is supposed to be silent, ie. This similarity can be a little confusing if you’re trying to read the front panel settings mocro the other side of the studio.


The LEDs on the front panel indicate this wonderfully. Simple, basic and robust, these instruments are emerging as a bit limited, especially in And not a change that we could all agree on. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

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A ‘noise gate’ is basically a means of electronically ‘masking out’ the general background noise that tends to be generated by all types of electronic equipment. The first box to come under scrutiny was the noise gate.

This limiter provides a powerful and warm.

The Alesis gate proved very simple to become acquainted with. Hopefully, Alesis will do the right thing and provide a single adaptor with a number of outputs to power multiple units.

Alesis Micro Limiter –

But nothing really tangible that you could say ‘Yes, there’s definitely a psychoacoustic enhancer in there. Is my hearing at all impaired? Review by David Hughes. Is the amplifier suspect? If you want another Alesis unit to fill the third location in your 19″ rack, buy a Microverb instead. Our members also liked: This pre-amp with auxiliary input-output, is a multi-dot effect, the SEthe signal that comes from eight kinds reoit Sampler of S and some analog synths cheap, like the proton and the Evolver Request a new review.

The limitation of this new series I parat most advanced It just doesn’t do enough to justify the expense. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. They really are good quality and excellent value. If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! The state of the gate is determined from three LEDs on the front panel: Both the Boss and Alesis devices proved to be extremely useful in this application and the string synth was, in fact, almost usable again.


Finally, I can’t understand why the bypass switching on these units is not silent. I hope Alesis rectify the problem before the devices get into bulk production.

The units all have the same basic appearance, three rotary potentiometers and an effects bypass switch. This machine was the ideal test-bed for the noise gate. Did you find this review helpful?

My amplifier is getting on a bit but certainly seems more than capable of the job and so do the speakers. To evaluate the Alesis Micro Gate properly, in terms of how effective it is in a real situation, I compared it with a very similar device – the Boss RCL The ‘limiter’ effectively puts a lid on the level of a signal.

To compare the Alesis gate with the Boss equivalent, I used an old string synthesizer which I custom built in my University days. To finish then, I would recommend both the Micro Gate and Micro Limiter to anyone with serious aspirations but with limited cash.