Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Link Type Integer Class Package Class Desc. Each module generator may then extract the subset of configuration data it needs from that single format.

Neither their presence in such Specification Documents, nor any later AUTOSAR compliance certification of products actually implementing such exemplary items, imply that intellectual property rights covering such exemplary items are licensed under the same rules as applicable to the AUTOSAR Standard.

This means that implementations may or may not support parameters and containers defined as optional in the StMD. Also ConfigReference is inheriting from ParamConfMultiplicity so for each reference definition it can be specified how many such references might be present in the same configuration container later in the ECU Configuration Description.

For this reason the containment hierarchy of the referenced configuration parameter has to be denoted in the definition XML file, as shown in example 3. These would allow very sophisticated features, potentially dedicated to one BSW module, to be added by individual suppliers. Aggregation on the literals used to define this enumeration parameter. This is the last step of the configuration process and again out of scope of this specification.

The examples for the individual parameters are taken from figure 3. Parameter references Class Package Class Desc. This parameter may only be set to true if all of the following conditions hold: BSW module implementations must support configuration of these standardized parameters. The dependencies reflect the direct relationship between a Container and a ContainerDef as well as a ParameterValue and a ParameterType.

  AS NZS 3003 PDF

The BSWMD defines all configuration parameters, and their structuring in containers, relevant for this specific implementation of the module.

Specification of ECU Configuration

For further rules how a value can be provided if no defaultValue is specified in confiuration ECU Configuration Definition see section 4. There are three tags predefined to be used in the definition of the parameters: The only additional attribute is the defaultValue which may be specified while defining the parameter.

Parameter container description [ecuc sws ] The Container inherits from Identifiable defining a namespace for all Containers, ParameterValues and ReferenceValues that belong to that Container. The different configuration formats would potentially contain redundant information. These two ModuleConfigurations are used when the base ModuleConfiguration as part of the base ECU configuration is created to fill parameters with initial values.

Specification of ECU Configuration

The short names of optional elements that are omitted from the VSMD must not be used for vendor specific parameters. The output file format. So it is not possible to reference to a specific ParameterDef directly but only to its container. This string nees to be one of the literals specified for this enumeration.

Therefore it has multiple references of different type. The definitions may be adapted to the implementation following the rules defined in chapter 4. This is described in section 3. Those editors may operate with user interaction, semi automatically or automatically, depending on module and implementation.

There are output file formats ds than. The values chosen must match a configuration variant and the corresponding configuration classes defined in the modules SWS.

If AUTOSAR were to continue with the approach sketched above, the configuration tools and generators of a specific module would need to read several different formats. Confighration, the Identifiable introduces the concept of a namespace for the contained Identifiable objects, so those objects need to have unique shortNames in the scope of that namespace.

It is a major challenge to develop a formal language which is capable of representing the concepts required to specify the formula and rules how the derived values are computed. ARElement itself inherits form Identifiable which has two consequences: Configuration tools are required only to support a single configuratiob interface, the ECU Configuration Description Template, but there is no overall picture of the state of configuration for a autosae ECU because each tool specializes only on a particular subset of the configuration.


Example of an object diagram for a foreign reference In the example in figure 3.

The flow of work products is depicted by solid lines with arrow heads, pointing in the direction of the work flow. Since the module implementation fixes those configuration parameters, those values must confiuration included in the base ECU configuration description and shall not be changed in later editing.

BSW Modules have standard interfaces and configuration requirements. Base Class es Attribute Identifiable abstract M If the implementation has some means to derive a parameter value from other parameters or other templates, it is allowed to add the rules that shall be applied to derive that value. If the attribute is not present it shall be assumed to be set to false.

Reference to the definition of this ModuleConfiguration. It is fonfiguration that configuration confiyuration perform consistency and completeness checks on the part of the configuration they support.

And sixth, a container can be referenced to achieve a symbolic name semantics. Only one configuration parameter within a container may have this attribute set to true.

This guarantees that it is possible to reference to instances of such classes. One subcontainer instance is defined for each PDU received.

The class FunctionNameDef does not introduce any additional attributes.

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