Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Servant of the Buddha) went forth as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) in , at the age of twenty. After a few years of study in Bangkok, which . THE VENERABLE Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who passed away at the age of eighty- seven on July 8, , was perhaps the best-known and most controversial Thai . Ajahn Buddhadasa (–93) is perhaps the most influential Buddhist teacher in the history of Thailand. In he founded Suan.

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Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development, His approach was always straightforward and practical, yet offbeat in the best sense of the word.

Though he could at times be hard on people, he also gave them a lot of freedom to be responsible, make their own choices, make their own mistakes, and learn from life itself. Then he taught what he had learned to truly quench dukkha dissatisfaction, suffering. Word of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, his work, and Suan Mokkh spread over the years so that they are easily described as “one of the most influential events of Buddhist history in Siam.

His work was based in extensive research of the Pali texts Canon and commentaryespecially of the Buddha’s Discourses Sutta Pitakafollowed by personal experiment and practice with these teachings. Most of the monks involved in nature conservation and community development were inspired by him.

Therefore, states Buddhadasa, “the whole question of rebirth has nothing to do with Buddhism Since the 40s, when he came to national prominence, he was one monk who had not feared to discuss politics. Views Read Edit View history.

His bhiikhu concerns translated naturally into a preference for simplicity. As a prominent teacher with many teachers and educators among his followers, he set out to do everything in his power to foster right understanding of Buddha-Dhamma. A Dhamma talk to monks ordained for the Rains Retreat given on 4 th October Buddhadasa renounced civilian life in Thus, he lived immersed in natural surroundings and developed a place for others to do the same.


Dhamma Teachings Teachers Videos. Translated from the Thai by Santikaro.

First electronic edition, October Although his formal education only went as far as the ninth grade and the beginning levels of Pali studies, five honorary doctorates from Thai universities have been bestowed upon this monk. During the 70s several bhjkkhu massacres took place spurred by increasing reactionary anti-communist feeling and rhetoric.

Getting started in mindfulness with breathing: This interest was practical rather than scholarly. For example, Bhikkhu Bodhi states that Buddhadasa’s approach of jettisoning the rebirth doctrine “would virtually reduce the Dhamma to tatters This addition to Suan Mokkh is intended to provide facilities for: Buddha-Dhamma for Students ]. His approach was always scientific, budshadasa, and practical. Because our lives are inseparable from it and happen according to it.

The final stroke occurred as he was preparing notes for a talk to be given on his birthday bhikkkhu two days May 27th. He thought that education — including the formal system of the government, Buddhist education, and creative alternatives — had a crucial role in fostering Dhammic Socialism.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To convert or not to convert is a meaningless issue Nature can be tough — foolishness and clinging results in suffering. Commonly Bhijkhu Buddhist Principles series 1. The establishment of this Garden and the contemplation behind it can be described as one of the most influential events in the history of Buddhism in Siam.

Ajahn Buddhadasa

His last project was to establish an International Dhamma Hermitage. Buddhadasa enjoyed maintaining simplicity and in a genuinely bhikkhh, Zen-like manner was said to reply: We should not follow blindly the kamma teachings of other religions; if we do, we will spin around pitifully according to kamma without being able to get beyond its power or realize its end.


Why do buddhacasa need to know the essence of kamma? Ajahn Buddhadasa worked painstakingly to establish and explain the correct and essential principles of what he called “pristine Buddhism,” that is, the original realization of the Lord Buddha before it was buried under commentaries, ritualism, clerical politics, and the like.

Swearer chief translator and editor.

English s s s s s s s No date. Thereby, I am named Buddhadasa. This is where we can most clearly see how he himself practiced the principles of Dhammic Socialism.

At that same time in August he made the following vow: Among these, Sulak Sivaraksa and his students were prominent. The most prominent forms of socialism at that time, and probably still today, were materialist visions of socialism. Some disciples of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu maintain, however, that he was a servant of no one.

His aim in these discussions was to probe the similarities at the heart of each of the major world religions.

Buddhadasa – Wikipedia

Since the ‘s, activists and thinkers in areas such as education, ecology, social welfare, traditonal medicine, and rural development have drawn upon his teaching and advice. This use was initially criticized and then praised. As you all know, it is going to be a new year in the next few hours, and so this should be a good opportunity to observe how Thais celebrate our New Year.

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