User Manual Cuplok () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. User Guide SGB Cuplock Scaffold System. Uploaded by. S. GUIDANCE NOTE. This manual is valid only for the use of. Genuine TRADLOK System Scaffold, manufactured and supplied by TRAD Hire and Sales Limited. This document is subject to periodic revision and updating. Before designing scaffolds with. Systems™ Scaffold components, visit to be.

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The values apply regardless of the type of formwork to be supported and where the maximum length of bay does not exceed 2. All the vertical loads are applied axially, svaffolding see clause 7. Hop – Up Brackets The rules for hop – up brackets, are the same as for straight runs.

An effective brace must extend manua, forkhead to base plate level. The permissible tensile scafrolding on this connection is 12 kN. Rocking Forkhead 1 The Cuplok Rocking Forkhead replaces scaffoldibg normal forkhead where slabs with sloping soffits have to be constructed. Values are given mmanual the case of the horizontal in the first cup from the top or bottom of the vertical and for the horizontal in the second cup.

At least two lacing levels have to be used on each vertical. For braced scaffolds an effective diagonal brace must extend from forkhead to base plate level. Guidance Notes When it is required to provide a run of Access Scaffold, which is curved in plan, such as manal give access to the inside or outside of circular tanks, etc.

The resultant figure is the additional vertical load on the verticals where the diagonal bracing terminates and may act either upwards or downwards. The base of the forkhead is then sloped to give proper support to the timbers by rotating the small handles on the socket at the bottom of the forkhead.

To fix forkheads to jack use M8 x 60 bolt and nut. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. If exposed to high winds, stability checks must be made. The horizontal load is then usually expressed as a percentage of the vertical load.


Horizontals to be checked for level. Log In Sign Up. Verticals should be plumb to within 15mm over 2m of height subject to a maximum displacement from the vertical of 25mm.

Each sub- section of the calculation has to be examined to see whether this additional load makes the scaffoldung load exceed that which is permissible.

Additional items required for the 2m lift Tower are the 2. The horizontal in the first cup is to be preferred.

When floors are concreted in bays, braces should be positioned so that at least one brace occurs under each poured section.

It is preferable that braces in adjacent panels should also be alternated in direction, as shown by the dashed lines in the diagram.

CUPLOK Data Sheets | Ramakrishnan Sundaram –

Care should be taken to see that the support bar is in full line contact with the underside of the forkhead. In this case ledger bracing is required across each row. Skip to main content.

China supplier steel cuplock scaffolding manual. The staircase tower must not extend more than 4. Jack bracing at the top and the bottom is only provided if required by calculation. By inspection of the value of the vertical loads, a trial vertical spacing of the horizontal is then chosen. Earlier brackets are deep and have different end detail. Option – Spigot secured verticals in tension for by M10 bolt with Nylok nut.

The resulting arrangement can then be analysed, using the data and graphs in the following pages. If thicker boards are used, greater lengths may be considered.

cuplock scaffolding manual

The bracing should run cuplocm the top to the bottom horizontal in a continuous diagonal line. However, occasionally it is not possible to secure the tie to the structure and the following special procedure should be adopted. This may be removed when further ties have been positioned. Bottom jack extension unbraced and bottom lift.

Diagonal bracing within the structure must be provided in accordance with the guide to bracing on page The design of the forkhead allows the primary timber beams to be sloped along their length and also to be sloped in the transverse direction, so that the secondary timber beams fully contact the top surface of the primary beams.


Jacks at the head and base level may be loaded to values shown on the next page, provided they are fully and effectively main lift restrained against horizontal forces. Note that tie patterns Type C and Type D, are then particularly useful. Page for Grade 43 and page or for Grade 50 Verticalsscaffoldjng top and base lifts unbraced. By calculation, the vertical and horizontal loads per vertical can then be established. The resultant force should then be multiplied by the distance from the base of the structure to the point at which the force acts.

For all other configurations use the data sheets page onwards. The resulting moment should then be divided by the horizontal length of the line bracing. The largest main lift page for Grade 43 and page or for Grade 50 steel. The galvanized surface makes scaffolding plank more stronger in the rainy days and moist environment. Take care that the structure is stable in the unloaded condition, especially if towers of narrow structures are used.

The safe working load on platforms, erected as shown, is 1. L Equivalent deck loading Central Deflection 2 kN on 2.

As it is very difficult to calculate exact setting levels for the forkheads, it will probably be necessary to re-level the support jacks, whilst checking the required levels at the form face.

For scaffolds to steel tanks, consideration should be given for anchorage to be welded on to the face of the tank. The scafvolding of the jack at the top, and the bottom, should be balanced, to give equal load carrying capacity, as shown on Data Sheets onwards.

The gap between the side of the brace and the node point should not scaffoldinng greater than 50mm.

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