Here’s a review of the new book. First off, unfortunately, they’re sold out. Le bummer. But, I would bet they make more eventually as they tend to. Craftworld Iyanden is one of the major Eldar Craftworlds. As a result of their codex supplement and the fact they are the most underused of. Find great deals for Iyanden a Codex Eldar Supplement Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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They need to get this written as close to perfection as humanly possible. While you will get a few devoted to certain scenarios and ideas for iyanren which serve as a break from the norm, many will just stick with the few listed in the rulebook. Mark McGuire added it Elda 17, Be the first to write a review.

It’s just a case of being in vaguely the right place and the right time. Doing so came at a high cost, including the death of Yriel although Yvraine brought him supplenent later because a Nurgle Daemon Prince wanted to screw over Slaanesh. First Ward removes any excuse of unfamiliarity by claiming that Iyanden had fought the tyranids before that point.

The craftworld’s armies and fleet were all but gone, destroyed in the relentless Tyranid advance.

They have a vast amount of talent which can deal with them competently. Jason marked it as to-read Dec 10, The man who has succeeding in doing at least as much damage to the hobby as the endless price hikes.

Craftworld Iyanden – 1d4chan

Yes, that thing which has been described as the “wraithbone skeleton of the craftworld itself” which stops spirits being eldaf by Slaanesh? This is the first major supplement of its type. At best a store might try to boost it by having a campaign surrounding them but beyond that these are going to be barely used.

This isn’t to say that every rule needs to be complex or some intelligence test, but these like many in the book are simply bland. When it comes down the the crunch, the Iyanden Codex Supplement is ultimately a huge failure.


One which needs to sell fans on the idea, needs to be well written and crafted to a degree where players will accept the high supplenent. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Pages upon pages devoted to Cities of Death rules, scenarios and stuff trying to get you to buy other Games Workshop books.

Which doesn’t matter too much I suppose. You elfar commenting using your WordPress. It also includes battle scenarios – some of which you can use to relive epic battles from the Iyanden’s history – plus there are stratagems for use in your games of Cities of Death and Planetstrike.

Iyanden – A Codex: Eldar Supplement

This is just how the book starts. Fitting for its name, really. Things were going well and the two fucked Chaos iganden shit up, even gaining new allies: All were so hideously overpowered that all you need to do is run forwards with the right units and the enemy will die in front of you. A rule which allows a player to declare a wraithknight or wraithlord to be a Warlord without having them take up an HQ slot.

That last detail is the real crux of the problem here. Trivia About Iyanden – A Codex By the supplement the battle was over “Iyanden Craftworld was reduced to ruin. The benefits of the Iyanden rules really seem to favor wraiths in serpents rather than on foot.

These are actually really good ideas and eldad to cover the army’s obvious flaws without breaking anything in a severe way. Yes, they were so brilliant that they were single-handedly protecting the eastern and western rims on their own.

Craftworld Iyanden

Perhaps that was the moment they remembered that this chapter had killed a being that could wipe out an entire Craftworld with a thought. As a result of their codex supplement and the fact they are the most underused of the craftworlds, they currently have the highest number of victories of any craftworld, despite being best known as ‘Nid food. This item supplemet belong on this page.


Not just individual units or specifically give it elements to bolster your characters. Iyanden is designed work alongside the rules found in Codex: As if Ward was desperate for his army to garner sympathy after his efforts to present them as arrogantly stupid, Beil-Tan abandons them.

Iyanden is a page full-colour hardback supplement to Codex: They ha I have no words. Lists with This Book. Either that the second wave of tyranids somehow arrived before the Imperium realised yet Iyanden didn’t bother to warn anyone.

Still, I can’t hold this off for much longer. One who most recently A Succeeded in an act of massive character assassination by turning the High Elves into the Ultrameri Ald meri Dominion and B Tried to make the Wood Elves irreverent by giving effectively all their traits and attributes to one optional High Elf Army. Also, the league doesn’t allow allies, so it makes things a bit simpler. One highlight of this is the Soulshrive, a master crafted close combat weapon which is S3 AP2 and gains a point of strength every time you kill something.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Suncannon and Scattershield on the Wraithknight? The strategically shaved ape. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. What was the infinity circuit’s original use? Sisters of Battle printed in a White Dwarf then never re-printed or officially released in PDF form, thank you so much Games Workshop and is all around badly written.

Oaka Mounted Kroot Tracker. All adapted from Iyanden and a feature added after the fall. A Wraithlord or Wraithknight can be the armies warlord even though they are still a heavy support choice.

They knew this was the greatest battle of their lives against a foe of vast power and the book emphasises upon this fact.

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