Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored: The history, theory and practical applications of the Sacred Science. Aug 24, by Archibald Cockren and Sir Dudley. Archibald Cockren (Q). No description defined. edit Archibald. 0 references. date of death. 1 reference. imported from. More by Archibald Cockren. Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored. Archibald Cockren. from: $ Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Scholar’s Choice.

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This projection was made in the presence of many witnesses and Helvetius himself examined the precious metals obtained from the operation. It is rather remarkable that in the history of alchemy the Comte de St. The author died inso works by this author are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 60 years or less.

Thirdly and lastly, he hath a Medicine Universal, both for prolonging life and curing of all diseases, so that one true adeptist can easily cure all the sick people in the world I mean his medicine is sufficient.

I believe that many in archobald last age of the world shall be rejoiced with the Great Secret because I have written so faithfully, leaving of my own will nothing in doubt for a young beginner. Vaughan came from Wales and his writings were regarded as atchibald illustration of the purely spiritual mystery within the science of alchemy, but whatever the various interpretations put upon his work, Vaughan was undoubtedly endeavouring to show that alchemy was demonstratable in every phase of consciousness, physical, mental, and spiritual.

He was of middle height, his face was long and slightly pock-marked, his hair was black and straight, his chin close-shaven, his cocckren about forty-three or forty-four, and his native place North Holland, so far as I could make out. The book begins with a precise historical account of the Great Arcanum, together with particulars of some of those adepts whose names and writings ate known to all students of Alchemy.

One writer supposes the event to have been accelerated by a scuffle with assassins in the pay of the orthodox medical faculty, but there is no actual foundation for this story. In the sixteenth century Pierce, the Black Monk, wrote on the Elixir the following: Cocoren from ” https: He wishes to show that this science is the Law operating archibxld all Manifestation in Man; Man that is in his entirety, physical, mental, and spiritual, and to demonstrate how it is bound up in the further evolution and unfoldment of the race, for without this understanding the vision of Man made perfect is impossible.

On the reverse of the fourth leaf a fair flower was depicted on the summit of a very high mountain, round which the North wind blustered. He then goes on to give an account of the transmutation of metals into silver and gold, and also of the fact that the medicine administered to some at the point of death affected their miraculous recovery.

He became imbued with a burning desire archubald spread the gospel among the followers of Mohammed, and to this end devoted years to the study of Mohammedan writings, the better to refute the Moslem teachings.


On the second leaf cocoren said Abraham consoled his people, archibad them to avoid vices and idolatry more than all and await with patience the Messiah to come, who would vanquish all kings of the earth and thereafter reign, with those who were his own, in eternal glory.

Whosoever enjoyeth this talent, let him be sure to employ it to the glory of Aarchibald and the good of his neighbours, lest he be found ungrateful to God his Creditor—who has blessed him with so great a talent—and so be in the last day found guilty of misproving it and so condemned. I speak in all truth. Protect the conscientious few who quietly strive to discover the mysteries of Thy creation! Raymond Lully is one of the alchemists about whose life there is so much conflicting evidence that it is practically certain that his name was used as a cover by a second adept either at the same or a later period.

There is other evidence that the celebrated Count possessed the alchemical powder by which it is possible to cockrn base metals into gold. It was a white liquid contained in a well stopped phial. I could therefore make no beginning and the result was that I archibaod very sad and depressed.

So long as the salts are in an acid solution, they remain soluble, but coockren the dissolving medium loses its acidity and becomes neutral or alkaline, the salts tend to form again into metallic gold. The third century A. But the most high God in His Goodness had not only granted me the blessing of the Stone, He had given me a chaste and prudent wife, herself endowed with reason, qualified to act reasonably, and more discreet and secret than cofkren women are for the most part.

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Archibald Cockren – Google Books

James of Spain and she at those of St. Co Archibald Cockren — sister projects: In his early thirties van Helmont retired to an old castle in Belgium near Brussels and remained there, almost unknown to his neighbours until his death in his sixty-seventh year. There he still lies, and may God keep his soul, seeing that he made a good Christian end.

I except one thing only, which is not lawful that I should write, because it can be revealed truly only by God, or by a master. My answer allowed that such a Medicine would be a most desirable acquisition for any doctor and that none might tell how many secrets there may be hidden in Nature, but that as for me—though I had read much on the truth of this Art—it had never been my fortune to meet with a Master of Alchemical Science. But it would be a vain thing by outward pomp to seek for vulgar applause.

I have made it three times, with the aid of Peronelle, for she helped me in all my operations and understood the subject as well as myself. He told me that the liquid was the Universal Spirit of Nature, and that if the wax on the stopper were pricked ever so slightly the whole of the contents would disappear. Thus were all things created. One author tells us that St.


On our way to Paris my companion most truly archlbald the major or part of my figures, in which he found great mysteries, even to the points and pricks.

There has been much discussion as to whether this was the name of another adept, or arfhibald another pen name for Vaughan. In this century Cedrenus also archibalr, a magician who professed alchemy. There is no question of the claims which are put forward in this book being taken on trust. He was pierced, racked, beaten, seared with fire and molten lead, but still he held his peace. During the course of his second exile we hear of him in at Colmar, and in at Nuremburg, once again in conflict with the doctors of medicine, who denounced him as an impostor, although once again he turned the tables on his opponents by his successful treatment of several bad cases of ckckren, which he followed up during the next ten years by a series of cures which were amazing at the period.


James that I would seek their key of some Jewish priest belonging to one of the Spanish synagogues. About the period of the first Crusades alchemy shifted its centre to Spain, to which country it had been introduced by the Moors. What I had to say concerning the operation of the Sun is complete.

In truth, many times I laid aside my pen, designing to forbear from writing, being rather willing to have concealed the truth under a mask of envy, but God compelled me to write and Him I could in no wise resist, who alone knows the heart and unto Whom be glory for ever. archibadl

Archibald Cockren’s alchemical discoveries

Such a science is something far more than an outlet for a few eccentric old men in their dotage. He desired earnestly to see my book and would have done anything to have his way in the matter, but I persisted in saying that it was not in my possession, though I gave him a full account of the process described therein. These disabilities were removed by applying the Stone a few times to her tongue.

In this process which is one of continued sublimation, a long necked, hermetically sealed flask is used, and one can watch the vapour rising up the neck of the flask and condensing down the sides. In the seventeenth century lived Eugenius Philalethes or Thomas Vaughan. Having arrived at this point my next difficulty was to find a way of storing this subtle gas without danger to property. At the age of sixteen he entered the University at Basle, where he applied himself to the study of alchemy, surgery, and medicine.

The streams of blood were gathered by other soldiers into a great vessel, wherein the sun and moon bathe.

On his return to England he applied himself to the study archiald philosophy and languages, with such success that he wrote grammars of the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew tongues.