Technical Readout: (The Clans) covers a wide breadth of units and equipment. To understand how these various units plug into the core BattleTech . Battletech Technical Readout [TECHNICAL READOUT] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The great experiment that was the Republic . Technical Readout: introduces the latest wave of new battle armor, vehicle, Featuring new equipment described in Era Report: and Field Manual.

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Whether or not those rules will also be a part of whatever form IO ends up taking remains to be seen.

But no battle could be waged, nor won, without the mammoth apparatus of support vehicles that feed the war machine of the Great Houses. Technology, once stagnated by trade restrictions and peace treaties, now surges forward again, testing these new machines in the fierce crucible of war.

During the above time periods, there were a handful of significant border wars in different parts of the Sphere, but none of them were enough of a crisis to disrupt the broader peace. Redaout fall of the Star League and the Succession Wars that raged for centuries afterward took their toll and by the Fourth Succession War, the technology employed on the battlefields was a mere shadow of what it once was.

In gameplay, the Gunnery or Piloting skill required in any given situation will depend on what mode the LAM is currently configured to, and—in the case of LAMs in AirMech mode—what movement mode is being used.


Only standard, compact, and heavy duty gyros allowed. Succession Wars is available from the following vendors:. After that, I got real tired of the Dark Age Era. Denied their dream, the Blakists sought to preserve the Star League against the follies of the Houses, but its fanaticism manifested this noble goal as the Jihad: Well lets hope for the geadout Light of Mankind or Manei Domini to stop them dead.

A third hit to a heavy-duty gyro destroys the gyro. 1345

Technical Readout: 3145

Each fully illustrated entry in these reference books contains complete BattleTech game statistics. May not convert between modes if the unit mounts a heavy-duty gyro, see the last footnote on page Most of the artwork gives the classic designs a better look compared to the original CBT artwork and the ugly Readkut Converting to Fighter Mode: Posted 01 September – Assign the damage in 5-point Damage Value groupings.

Designers failed to produce an airworthy prototype and Simon Cameron scrapped the project when he came to power in Against such an anvil, new cutting edge machines of war bwttletech marched into the fire. So I herby proclaim it the ‘roidoken.

House Davion – Well obviously, we have a raper in FedSun realms. Even if the QuadVee mounts jump jets, they cannot be used in Vehicle Mode. Each Bomb Bay accommodates a single-slot bomb: As the Quick-Start Rules show-case, BattleTech can be played using almost anything to represent the various units on the game board.


A LAM that suffers structural integrity damage from high-thrust maneuvers applies this damage directly to its center torso internal structure and rolls for critical hits to that location reaadout a BattleMech. Unless the rules for a situation describe otherwise, substitutions are not allowed.

MWO: Forums – Technical Readout: – Page 7

Desperate for any edge, the Great Houses, Clans, and Periphery states of the Inner Sphere have unleashed a flood of new war machines, rushing them into battle on every front. It may continue moving normally using its remaining AirMech MP. However, the reqdout of the Helm Memory Core unlocked the technological potential to develop new BattleMechs and experimental technologies for the first time in centuries.

Edited by Nerroth, 12 August – The free ton of fuel does not occupy a critical slot. They operate per the rules for Standard LAMs in these modes.

Technical Readouts | BattleTech: The Board Game of Armored Combat

Clan Jade Falcon – now lead by a crazy Khan. Will, on 29 August – DA models, but I still hate the lore regardless. As noted above, any engine beyond a standard Fusion. The year is nowand the Jihad rages. A critical hit to an empty Bomb Bay destroys the bay.

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