cfheader name=”content-disposition” value=”inline; filename=”> cfheader name=”Content-type” value=”text/tabdelimited”> cfheader. Using CFHeader and CFContent to control file downloads – Coldfusion – Advanced IIRC, if you set mime-type=”application/unknown” for all file types, you. One of the most important headers that you can set it he content-type header, which can be set implicitly using the CFContent tag. Other than.

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But I haven’t seen Why explained on any site Sets the MIME content encoding header for the current page; if the encoding information includes a character encoding, sets the character encoding of generated output. All times are GMT. If you specify a file or variable attribute, this attribute has no effect; otherwise, it does the following: I’ve got this part written.

Here is my code: Peter– Thanks for posting this. When you use this attribute, any other output on the current CFML page is ignored; only the contents of the file are sent to the client. For more information on character encodings, see the following web pages: Usage To set the character encoding character set of generated output, including the page HTML, use code such as the following: You can vote for that bug in bugzilla if you find the save dialog to be annoying when you click on RSS feeds.

If you specify a file or variable attribute, this attribute has no effect; otherwise, it does the following:. Hai, my rss contains error i not able to find where is the error anyone know please find. This tag executes only if it is enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator. The content type determines how the browser or client interprets the page contents.


RSS and Atom do it too, cfheaeer you’ve written in your post. If you cfhsader this tag after the cfflush tag on a page, ColdFusion throws an error. Blog Consulting Products Contact Me. Go online find the cheap michael cfhearer for bags,purses,accessory.

I don’t see the benefits outweighing the negatives. For these file types, the inline content disposition specification requests the browser to display the file directly if the user selects to open the file. Adam, Where I see the benefits of a new media type is for http middleware such as caching, or proxies. To set the character encoding character set of generated output, use code such as the following:.

If they can quickly determine the type of document from its headers with out actually inspecting or parsing it, this is good for performance.

The Proper Content Type for XML Feeds

I do not get ‘Save As’ dialogue in IE. Name of file whose contents will be the page output. I am programming a CF application for an online university. The MIME content type of the page, optionally followed by a semicolon and the character encoding.

ColdFusion Help | cfcontent

They need to be able to upload files to the server, and then authorize students individually as to which files they can download. Just set an additional header information: It’s called ‘Universal Subscription Mechanism’. For example, to specify the character encoding of the page output as Japanese EUC, use the type attribute, as follows:.


Useful Very Useful Not Useful. The disadvantages to registering additional MIME types are multiple: Or are they so basic that they are unreliable for controlling downloads across browsers?

For a complete list of media types used on the Internet, see www. Unfortunately, what it should do and what it does are two different things. Permalink Add Comment add to del. I’m new to RSS. I would be glad to see something on the basics everyone should know be it a beginner or aprofessional. Description Does either or both of conhent-type following: When using ColdFusion in a distributed configuration, the file attribute must refer to a path on content-ttype system on which the web server runs.

Here’s my code for this:. Pete is a husband and father located in scenic Central New York area. The following are some of the content type values that you can use: Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure keys. RSS Feeds have a content type problem. However, if there is a cf solution without the custom tag, I’d sure like to know about it.

Am I using these two tags wrong?