“Dad thinks if you have a kid, you should pay child support. Paying for them is the law, but spending time with them isn’t.”. Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson is a young adult crime novel (available October 2, ). Ricki’s dad has never been there for her. He’s a. Recently I received a box of new books from a publisher. One of the books was Janci Patterson’s “Chasing the Skip” (Henry Holt, ). I found.

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Our favorite toys for everyone on your list. My Thoughts- I found the book interesting because of the bounty hunting, however, it just wasn’t extremely exciting. Look where all that responsibility got me. I wondered if Alison would end up in prison after her trial.


Instead, Dad took me to McDonald’s and tried to get me to play on its playground. Check out the blog for more awesome, thought-provoking book analyses! You never really know what’s going on with him until the end of the book. However, I do feel like that made chzsing story slightly unrealistic though it sure was enjoyable. Mom would wave the phone at me whenever he called, talking loudly at me so he’d know I was home. And yeah, I’m being vague here because I don’t wish to spoil. I really liked the parts with Ian and I was kind of bummed with how that all ended even though it’s not like it really could have ended that differently.


Ricki’s Mom has done this sort of thing before.

This novel isn’t really my style, and I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, but I’m glad I chaxing it the chance and decided to read it.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. And it wasn’t written as a ‘dangerous romance’ kind of book. This book touched a deep part of me and I will always remember it. This is a serious book dealing with serious issues.

Ricki is now one of my favorite characters. But maybe I never had. But I always got off the phone as quick as I could. Janci’s first science fiction novel, A Skio Faces, is available for free from all e-book vendors.

If he can just get away. Recently… My Favorite Bit: Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Top Kid Picks.

Skipped by Janci Patterson

Ian has a difficult family situation too, to say the least, and Ricki is intrigued by the boy with the cute smile and the criminal record. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? What I’d Give It: Staying with her chassing isn’t too bad, but this time her grandmother calls for reinforcements.

The following items were successfully added. Dad said too much talking made him seem soft and the distraction made it easier for skips jancl escape.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. With these things in mind it’s easy to see how Ricki might make some poor decisions after her dad picks up a teenage felon named Ian. He is a man that realizes the mistakes that he has made and wants to make up for it. Then her dad picks up Ian, a car thief who is about the same age as Ricki. A month was a long time to go without school, or seeing Anna or Jamie.


Sixteen-year-old April is trapped behind the blinds in her apartment, beholden to the schedule of the daily blood deliveries from the local Red Cross syndicate, waiting for Vance—well-respected director of the local hospital by day, vampire lord by night—to finally descend on her and finish turning her unlife into patteerson living hell.

Her dad, unconventional job aside, seems to want to make amends with his daughter and become a better parent. Everything goes wrong when her dad starts on the trail of Ths, a manipulative boy-criminal Ricki’s age who’s pattersob out on the law under Grand Theft Auto charges. They’d separated before I was even born, so we’d never been a family. She’s never been gone this long before. fhe

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