This page lists fan-created spells, using the GURPS Ritual Path Magic system from the supplement of the same name. To submit your own. Over the last night and this morning, I made a cheat sheet for ritual path magic. It uses a lot of tables from the GURPS Basic Set and from Ritual. I’ve done subjective comparisons of the Ritual Path Magic system before, but I haven’t ever spoken directly to the book in which it is contained.

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I hope to get to a point someday where we can use it again in our campaigns. Find More Posts by Nereidalbel.

Find More Posts by Sciencezam. But like I said, the information on a first read through, and refresher read-throughs is very well presented. None of it is original material, but it has everything that is scattered across multiple pages in the book without requiring rapid page flipping.

Ritual Path Magic Spells – GURPS Repository

Sometimes, I take the reference appendices for granted, but this is one time where I feel rithal it is a critical omission. Overall, this is a very well written chapter, and doesn’t suffer from the organization issue I brought up earlier.

So, a savvy GM can create time pressure or unanticipated twists in order to lessen the caster’s impact. The mechanics enable someone with the right resources to cast incredibly powerful spells if they can come into the resources to do so, which can be expensive to buy, and difficult to find, but it enables players to do something cool by breaking the mold, and gives hard numbers so they can do it in no uncertain terms. Instead, the fallout of a mis-casted spell depends on the magnitude of its effect.

Benjamin Gauronskas September 6, at 5: This supplement empowers you to: Go heavy on the Greater Effects.

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

Oz Kay September 30, at 9: A lot of the information on pages needs to be used in tandem, but there is a lot of text, though very helpful, only serves to drive me mad with page flipping. What can’t it do? Preview of the PDF. You can’t gather ambient magic. See how the system works with over 80 sample rituals that cover all the major effects the average caster relies on, such as healing, injury, communication, and protection.


The price scaling means modest bonuses can be afforded by players with just a little money to spend, but gigantic bonuses require gigantic sums of money. Designed to emulate the magic of real-world traditions and popular books, movies, and television shows, this framework permits practitioners to cast improvised spells, elaborate rituals, and everything in between.

Ritual Path Magicwhere there’s a will, there’s a way! All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games.

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

So someone with Magery 5 can only achieve durations of 6 hours, someone with Magery 10 could manage 2 weeks, etc. Find out what you can do. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

After the big danger zone kerfuffle, the rest of the chapter proceeds pretty smoothly going over each of the core steps in the process in more than adequate detail, though I wish there were a few more examples than the 2 on page Acquaint yourself with the benefits and pitfalls of various methods for making spell-casting easier, including charms, elixirs, grimoires, places of power, enchanted items, and more.

If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Append content without editing the whole page source. Needs more thought on this. Find More Posts by Randyman. So when you not only make an RPM cheat sheet, but also make a metric version, you mabic my vote for President.

Other than that, the pull quotes are good, and the art seems consistent. I’d have liked it in an appendix, but it is big enough that finding paty isn’t too hard. Here’s a metric version of the same sheet. Overview P-Shaped table of contents.


Find More Posts by Minuteman Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. This is the section that I gripe about.

Remember to keep everything at full price. A fun extra I think. Newer Post Older Post Home.

You can get the pdf here. Friday, August 12, Review: It is almost as much a catalog as it is a guide-by-example, with each spell having a typical mechanical breakdown, allowing players and GMs to follow the pattern to produce similar spells as variations on a theme. Enter the relevant data into the appropriate fields.

But you could cast more spells. Seriously, I don’t see how anyone thinks its even remotely balanced vs. To submit your own, follow these steps:. A very interesting sub-system for finding grimoiresbooks that give bonuses to casting spells, and for pricing them out is included, and I find it a surprisingly helpful mxgic welcome inclusion.

Discover ways to modify the basic system, how to combine it with other magic systems, what awful things happen when you mess up a spell, and exactly what rituual cannot do with Ritual Path magic. Also, here’s some fun legal boilerplate:. I do think the idea of using Magery as a cap to points spent in modifiers is unteresting but I would have to give thought to its implications, since each level gives you 3 energy in your reserve, but each level only boosts your ability to spend those points by 1.

I think what I mean to say is that I wish that the defaults made them a little less rare, but I guess depending on what I want, I could just massage the parameters a little.