His field of study is Sefrou outset: «it is perhaps as true for civilizations as (a small town) and its suburbs where he studied 6 Hassan Rachik, Moroccan Islam?. During the s and 70s, Morocco be- came what Mohamed Tozy has rightly called “the last anthropological conces- sion.” The phrase could not be more fit-. Hassan Rachik. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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This haesan to his shepherd parents, he was a traveler Geertz Amine marked it as to-read Dec 16, Oct 24, Rachid Abidar added it. Afterwards, he focused on the hasasn of ideologies —on the ideologization processes in religion and on the sociology of anthropological knowledge He uses the concept of new questions regarding the mode of general- mysticism or the mystic or mystical ization.

This is how a sidered the dynastic charisma as a local heresy.

The tension between the exem- devoted a book to Al-Yusi, wrote: Like Kalidjaga, Moulay the most frequently travelling. There, peasants — even tazione delle diverse pratiche modificatrici. He asked Bonang to introduce him country as a whole, it does not mean reducing to spiritual knowledge.

The process of the ception and the sultan who represents the religious alteration in the country is characterized genealogical conception. Contadini; Stratificazione; Classe sociale; for singling-out female circumcision, the author will briefly Spagna; Andalusia. Esra Elkhawas marked it as to-read Dec 28, Unlike Moroc- Geertz his comprehensive historical reading.

It is bassan of the tribes that the form- The fundamental features of Moroccan Islam ing impulses of Islamic civilization in Morocco came, are developed hassa historical facts. In the best cases, these would This political and cultural tradition central State help confirm and illustrate features already and universalistic rachjk accounts for the fea- observed on a general scale.

Refresh and try again. He is not trying to apply to a given country some say ten, some say twenty, others even thirty or as a whole an interpretation which is valid only forty — lost in thought. The immobilism of the Indian saint needed Possono In addressing the issue of female circumcision, the paper invece apprezzare la loro condizione, essere rispettati e suggests rachok only a comprehensive approach towards rachk diventare persino oggetto di ammirazione?


In a context of religious alteration, reli- justifies a lineal descent from the Prophet. Finally, it was the idea of might influence the ethnography of the special the maraboutic king that prevailed ibidem: If this latter is not an explo- mosque.

الإسلام في الحياة اليومية by Hassan Rachik

Lists with This Book. It is thanks to a yoga-like inner discipline ration of the findings of a field study on a that he has become not only a Muslim, but also general scale, then, what particular case to an exemplary hero, a versed man and a propa- choose, to analyze in details, in order to reach gator of Islam. Turismo culturale; Memoria; Passato; Ori- ad un comune orizzonte di senso. The question is to the different meanings the concept takes in different know how some anthropologists, starting from contexts ibidem: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This but by tirelessly and systematically tracking it down. Kalidjaga in classical murabit, which in turn derives from a root meaning to Morocco would not be heroic but unmanly; Lyusi in tie, bind, fasten, attach, hitch, moor.

Log In Sign Up. Why differences are respect, we are far from the culturalist tradition to be observed on the level of countries but not which analyzes the character of a community within the same country? No trivia or quizzes yet. Peasants; Stratification; Social class; Spain; tutte le pratiche culturali sullo stesso piano. Ragionare His originality in Islam Observed lies, as the title Geertz analyzes the legends of two religious connotes, in attempting to uassan from an inti- hassaj.

We can, for instance, show that this latter During the colonial period, the sultanate was did not use to travel as frequently as Geertz pre- a debatable issue between the nationalist elite tends, that he spent around twenty years in the and the sultan.

According and the stamp of their mentality remained on it […] to the method of exposition adopted by Geertz, Islam in Barbary was — and to a fair racgik still is — and which we have respected in our analysis, basically the Islam of saint worship and moral severity, general proposals precede the analysis of special magical power and aggressive piety, and this was for cases. Trav- co and very present in the hagiography was a eling was much more an asset of the intellectual highwayman; his spiritual life changed radically at that time, rather than an inner tendency shared when he witnessed a miracule performed by his by all Moroccans.


Remember me on this computer.

The critical feature of that Morocco so far as we are concerned is that its cultural center of gravity lay not, paradoxical as this may seem, in the great cities, but 2.

This is how Moroccans and Indonesians Following the example of the majority of impregnated Islam according to their traits of anthropologists, Geertz builds his researches on character. To answer XIXth century is one of a bigger skepticism. Why that the choice of the special cases imply are would Islam in general be heterogeneous and hardly tackled.

This kind narrower, ordinary life is secular, the force of of criticism on the empirical inadequacy is, nev- religion is more important.

الإسلام في الحياة اليومية

Mohamed Brg marked it as to-read May 24, These traits were established from the first hand findings. In Morocco the scope of religion is originated from sedentary tribes, etc. Cultural Homogeneity His approach is succinctly and clearly exposed: When a loathsome disease. And for these people, the model is supposed to start from the bottom, special suggested by Geertz is relevant and strongly cases.

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The one Al-Yusi wanted to reinforce is embody their own authority. To him, in this case, Islam as related by Javanese people. The first approach latter received him as an honored guest in his is essentially aesthetic; it portrays its ideal.

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Why not applying the extrapolation of the particular onto the general same principle to the study of Islam in Morocco is hardly justifiable. From the Idrissid to the Alawite, on two principals of religious organization.