Whether you are seeking full power at high efficiency levels or a unit capable of short start-up times, J Jenbacher gas engine is your ideal solution for reliable . GE Worked with Pilot Customer Stadtwerke Rosenheim to Develop Next Evolution of Its Jenbacher J FleXtra Gas Engine; New Offering. Ge Jenbacher J GS FleXtra Engine. It can be used as ☑ Generating setup, and ☑ Cogeneration unit. ⚫ Features of the engine ⚫ Characteristics ⚫ Types of.

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As part of our construction and plant installation services, J20 provides worldwide engineering and procurement, and construction support through its qualified EPC-network. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Power unit The power unit ensures low downtime — the J power unit can easily be replaced without major disassembly of the engine. The J FleXtra power unit concept ensures low maintenance downtime as the complete power unit consisting of cylinder head, water jacket, cylinder liner, piston and con-rod can be exchanged with one assembly.

Cogeneration jenbached, peaking power plantsbiogas energy, mine gas management. Jenhacher With the modular engine design, decoupling the units is a simple process. Although the company itself has a relatively short history, its origins go far back.

Jenbacher 920 Engine

The modification and upgrade is part of the planned evolution of the Jenbacher Jenbaher FleXtra gas engine. At the beginning of World War IIall of Tyrol was seized and Aryanized, and the company was to ‘work for the benefit of the country’.

Be the first to review! Combined Heat and Power Combined Heat and Power The simple use of jacket water heat and heat from oil and mixture coolers, combined with heat from the gas engine exhaust makes CHP in combination with the J gas engine a favorable solution. Our start-up and commissioning service also includes a series of tests performed by our experienced service technicians to ensure the optimum installation and functionality of the Jenbaccher gas engine in your plant.


While the size of the plant, actual plant design, and layout depend on your specific customer needs and site requirements, the J plant solution is developed as j9220 modular system with a minimal footprint.

Remote diagnostics provide you with online access to your plant and J FleXtra equipment, thereby minimizing downtime, increasing plant availability, and lowering expenses for corrective maintenance. The Jenbacher J FleXtra gas engine is now a Quick startup for grid stabilization and easy maintainability. GE today announced that E.

Stable power output and reliable efficiency in any ambient condition. It had to be converted to civilian production, and started out with cookwarebut also started with the repair of railway wagons.

Jenbacher | Type-9 | Gas Engine

With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry. Ina mine and foundry was founded by the Fugger family. This Jenbacher gas engine is designed to support a broad variety of multiple-engine jennacher plant solutions—from remote power supply to combined heat and power CHP generation.

Because of the availability of k920 specialists and skilled workers, it was decided to concentrate on the production of diesel engines. Jenbacher manufactures the gas engines from the ground-up at this facility, including in-house crankshafts. Sign Up Sign Up.

Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. Inall Fugger properties in Tyrol were taken over by the state. It is part of their Distributed Energy portfolio of products and is one of their gas engine technologies; the other being Waukesha Engines.


Jenbaacher CA increased its share steadily and after the purchase of Mannesmann’s share through the CA-controlled Andritz AG they acquired jrnbacher vast majority of the share capital.

GE proudly announces the J Jenbacher 9. Product Details Planning GE is available to support you from the inception of your power generation project proposal to the design, testing, and completion of your plant. The J uses Miller cycle valve timing and two-stage turbochargingalong with a ‘three-module’ construction consisting of the engine itself, the electrical generator and the turbocharging unit consisting of both turbochargers and charge air coolers along with intake and exhaust piping and bypass valves.

GE Increases Power Output of Its J920 FleXtra Gas Engine by Nearly 10 Percent

Newest model-based control technology ensures lowest engine-out emissions during engine start. Jenbacher began producing gas engines in Coffin Thomas Edison Edwin J. Modular gas engine design allows for seamless installation with any multiple-engine configuration and offers flexible size options.

Electrical generation engine manufacturers Gas engine manufacturers Manufacturing companies of Austria General Electric subsidiaries Manufacturing companies established in s establishments in Austria. Reciprocating enginesgenerator sets. Integral lost over 22 million Euros from toand led to the sale of the Jenbacher rail car division to Connex.

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