World War-I, II, Tsunami of , San Francisco Earthquake of , Super Typhoon Nina of China, Famine of in Bangladesh, British rule on India. Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is a great saint of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the Nostradamus of India. kalagnanam book in English. Veerabrahmendra-the-Precursor-of-Kalki. Posted by Srimadviraat.

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Good people would become scarce 6. They stayed in Kashipattanam for some months. New born babies would talk That small village would become so elegant that it would seem like a second Kailasa.

Full text of “Veerabrahmendra The Precursor Of Kalki ( 1)”

Please help reduce my bur- den O Lord Vishnu. In the kalaggnanam sacred place six scoundrels would be born His voice box was Agni, Teeth the god of death, Yama. Vijayanagaram city would be venerable for some time and would lose all its glory afterwards Having thought like this she felt asleep. This is not the End Nagaraju November 15, at 7: Let me take you to a small village of Andhra Pradesh, which was called by name ‘Nandikonda’. Seven hundred years ago or even be- fore he predicted future events correctly which includes but not limited to: Prakrutamba however started crying aloud.

Many rulers would kalagnnam their positions and would become smashed.


Veera Papamamba welcomed him and offered him food and water. Cow slaughter takes place at Kalsgnanam, Srisailam and Kumbhakonam and clashes takes thousands of lives. Every village would have disputes ranging among its people and people would kill each other for the same reasons. He was none other than that great Guru – Sri Veera Brahmendra Swami, and this name was his initial name.


One night after dinner, Prakrutamba went to sleep. If you chant this mantra always, it would lead you to salvation. Lord Vishnu then remembered Lord Shiva in his mind, prayed and praised Lord Shiva with various stutis within his mind and summoned him to Vai- kuntha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It hap- pened correctly after the independence of India.

Veerabrahmendra, a saint who lived in 13th Century, had authored a book of prophecies called ‘Kalagyanam 1. You were writing something inside the cave, if you could kindly preach me that thing, I would be grateful to you”. A large volume of the predictions made by Veera Brahmendra Swamy are said to be kept under the banyan tree of Banaganapalle village of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

You need to Santosh Ayalasomayajula Sri Veerabrahmendra the Precursor of Kalki ih a sanyasi and uplift the people by preaching dharma to them. Fromintensity of calamities are raising and, the final World War The Armageddonnatural and man-made calamities would make life miserable.

Out of my motherly attachment I could never realize your divinity.

Kalagnanam – Wikipedia

He lived years ago. She went inside englihs got mesmerized to see the divine swami sitting and writ- ing something. You all may go back home now. Attacks on other cities also will take place in the said period. With fear in heart, one can’t find the Brahmam.

Sage Atri told us many times in many ways that you are the Parameshwara of uni- versal form, you aren’t a common man. Please tell me the way to realize that supreme Para-Brahman”. Crores of people die in the year Vijaya Having said those words, she handed that child over to sage Atri and sat in Padmasana beside her husband, locked her breath, kept her backbone straight, raised her Kundalini to penetrate the Sahasrara chakra and applied ‘ ‘ Shiva-Jeevaikya Sandhanam The yogic method of uniting a soul with Shiva ‘ and united herself in Lord Shiva.


Only sinless people would be able to protect their wives to themselves due to my grace Hampi Karnataka may probably be destroyed by Nuclear Attack. All roads leading to Tirumala will be closed.

You are the great Lord and you have made me disillusioned. Every- where they served the saints and monks who met them on their ka,agnanam.

I have set my expectations on you and my desire is to get you married and to see our lineage growing due to you. Therefore, our efforts in bringing out this ‘Kalagnani’ is only a small attempt made by us, to convey to the readers, an insight of the vivid description of what is going to happen in future to the Universe, as narrated by this great Seer, Astrologer of all times, with all our sincerity and the lucidity in the way we composed the text of his preaching and prophesies.

Swami Decides to Get Married 74

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