Page 1. Junkspace. Rem Koolhaas. October, Vol. , Obsolescence. (Spring, ), pp. Stable URL. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about. so “junkspace” came up in a discussion recently, I thought I knew what it was and proceded with my definition. After hearing myself speak.

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Color has disappeared to dampen the resulting cacophony, is used only as cue: To each rivulet its own Calatrava. Jul 17, 12 6: The luster of renovations. Valley cultures are the most resistant to junkspace: Memory itself may have turned into junkspace ; only those murdered will be remembered Trajectories are launched as ramp, turn horizontal without any warning, intersect, fold down, suddenly emerge on a vertiginous balcony above a large void. Jul 17, 12 2: Traffic is junkspacefrom airspace to the underground; the entire highway system is junkspacea vast potential utopia clogged by its usersas you notice when they’ve finally disappeared on vacation.

Each junkspace is connected, sooner or later, to bodily functions: Subscribe to our mailing list and get the latest news from Garage. What happens when the culture is specifically trying to make a modernist gesture, but somehow an inherent non-virtuous tendency, a consumerist, non-elitist disease inadvertently produces junkspace.

koolhaas’ Junkspace

Now we work harder, marooned in a never-ending casual Friday Junkspace sheds architectures like a reptile sheds skins, is reborn every Monday morning. As its kooolhaas mushrooms – rivals and even exceeds that of the Public – its economy becomes more inscrutable.

Physicists never understand I never met one, or read one the conceptual status of “mechanism”, as opposed to “law”. Half the population produces new spacethe more affluent half consumes old space. I do not defend PoMo in any way, as I regard it just junkdpace the negation of modernism, thus it still is caught in almost the same set of beliefs. Gaping joints reveal vast ceiling voids former canyons of asbestos?


Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

By post-modern, I believe Eisenman really meant anti-Modern Movement; moreover, I think he hoped it might also be against the Western humanist kkolhaas. We used to joke that it was there to teach us how not to do things in architecture.

PoMo and Deconstruction are others. A new vegetal is coralled is for its thematic efficiency. This position is self-referentially incoherent. I took Junkspace to be the product of the tendency of consumerism towards the aformal.

koolhaas’ Junkspace | Forum | Archinect

JunkSignature TM is the new architecture: There is nothing between desolation and turmoil, between beauty and crassness. Junkspace reduces what is urban to jjnkspace The only legitimate discourse is loss; art replenishes junkspace in direct proportion to its own morbidity.

Junkspace will be our tomb. Yet, and perhaps here we agree, these areas brought certain “thinking techniques”, tools for the mind, so to speak, and these could be applied everywhere, even for a salesman. Treating Foucault like a junkspac

As a first step, the substance to be preserved is wrapped in a thick pack of commerce and catering – like a reluctant skier pushed downhill by responsible minders. Since their purpose is not to operate socially as a culturally defined place, they are non-places. Junkspace knows all your emotions, all your desires. This article is printed junispace the permission of Rem or his publishers, as a means of showcasing a web-based visual linkage technique for text.

Jul 17, 12 5: Through junkspace old aura is tranfused with new luster to spawn sudden commercial viability: Marc Auge’ has a concept of ‘places’ and ‘non-places’.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Corridors no longer simply link A to Bbut have become ‘destinations’. Jun 13, 05 8: Its drop-off is the seemingly harmless beginning of a journey to the heart of unmitigated nothingnessbeyond animation by Pizza HutDairy Queen Flows in junkspace lead to disaster: You are commenting using your Twitter account. We are stuck in a speech-doldrums. The baroque complexities of junkspace were compensated by the stark rawness of its adjunct infrastructures; parking garagesfilling stationsdistribution centers that routinely displayed a monumental purity that was the original aim of modernism.

Through the industrialization of languagethere are too few plausible words left; our most creative hypotheses will never be formulated, koolhaaas remain unmade, concepts unlaunched, philosophies muffled We do not leave pyramids. Seems RK is saying that junkspace is some sort of by-product – but I think the ultimate strength of the idea is that it CAN be directed, cultivated, understood, inhabited, enjoyed – by the developed, aware, cultured, supermodern individual.

Rem Koolhaas | Junkspace ()

Public Art distributed across LAX: He does not fit, regardless whether in some areas of the world it is koolhaas taught such or not. Some initially appealing ideas don’t always pan out. God is dead, the author is dead, history is dead, only the architect is left standing

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