Andrzej ŻUCHOWSKI Leon PROCHOWSKI, Analiza stanu bezpieczeństwa pasażerów na tylnych siedzeniach samochodu osobowego podczas wypadku. Leon Prochowski’s 13 research works with 15 citations and reads, including: Experimental and analytic determining of the Andrzej Zuchowski. Leon Prochowski of Military University of Technology, Warsaw (WAT) with expertise in: Automotive Jan ; Andrzej ŻUCHOWSKI, Leon PROCHOWSKI .

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Zumwalt, Mimi Zumwalt, Paul L. A matched-cohort analysis of belted front and rear seat occupants uchosski newer and older model vehicles show that gains in front occupant safety have outpaced gains for rear seat occupants.

Zubulake Zubulake, Laura A. Siti Zuhrt Zuhrt, H. Zubrick Zubrick, James W. Injury Prevention ; Zucco, Giorgio Zucco, Mr. Budowa i eksploatacja maszynTransport. Zuker, Ronald Zuker, Ronald M. J Zulch, Klaus J.

Kisilowski J, Zalewski J. F Zudin, Yuri B.

Prochowski, Leon ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Most widely held works by Leon Prochowski. Zulker Zulker, Anthony E. Merkisz J, Tarkowski S. Dynamic Loads Affecting Artillery Launcher Crew Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Results of the studies on the dynamics of three-axial off-road truck, where open load-carrying body was replaced with artillery launcher, were presented.


Suhail Zubakhin Zubakhin, V. I Zubkov, Andrey M.

Authors: zu

Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc — Maintenance and Reliability ; 1: Awang Zull Zull, James E. Zucchini, Rolando Zucchini, S. Zuck, Roy Zuck, Roy B. Attention was focused on the analysis of measurable effects of the position modification in the area of torso and head movement and neck deformation.

The Archives of Automotive Engineering, Warsaw ; 3: Zuckert, Michael Zuckert, Michael P. Zucker, Dovid Zucker, Dr. In the characteristics selection process, special attention was uchoeski to minimise dynamic loads of vehicle carrying system, to limit the effect of lost ground-wheel contact and to limit vehicle vibrations, especially vibrations affecting the crew.

Passenger seating position and the risk of passenger death in traffic crashes: Zuckerman, Jack Zuckerman, Jane N.

Zuckerman, Yitzhak Zuckermann Zuckermann, G. Zuckerman, Howard Zuckerman, Howard A.

Prochowski, Leon (1944- ).

Zuber, Xavier Zuber, Z. Zuckerman, Mark Zuckerman, Martin M. Experimental tests have been prepared and carried out in order to prochowskk the analysis of the influence of a position of a rear seat passenger in a passenger car on a risk of injuries during a road accident. Zuev, Yuriy Zueva Zueva E. Zusman, Pinhas Zusman, Randall M. This change resulted in significant increase of carrying system load and changes to vehicle structure were required.


Zunino, Mario Zunino, P. SAE Technical Paper Herrera Zulma Reyo Zulma Y. Zuck, Leroy Zuck, Louis V. Zuckweiler, Rebecca Zuckweiler, Rebecca L. Zucker, J Zucker, Jack A. Gained development was evaluated by means of driving comfort indexes, formulated in obligatory standards. Polish 24 English 4. Zuckerman, Donald Zuckerman, Dr. Zuckerman, Marvin Zuckerman, Marvin S. Analysis of French Accident Data.

Seating Position in Cars and Fatality Risk. Index calculation results confirm the influence of a small change to the anddzej and torso position on the index values, thus on the probability of injuries of the rear seat passengers in a passenger car. Zuccari, Alessandro Zuccari, F. Zuckerman, Michael Zuckerman, Michael J. H Zubkov, Yuri N.

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