Loi n° 15/ du 1eraoût portant modalités d’application des droits de la femme . des listes électorales dans les conditions prévues par la Loi électorale. PACEC: Projet d’appui au processus électoral en RDC .. o La loi n°15/ du 12 février , valant loi électorale, modifiant et. 28 juil. Conformément à l’article de la loi électorale en vigueur en , la caution était payée par liste et non par siège au montant de FC.

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Although rejecting major changes, the legislature nevertheless introduced several innovations to the new electoral law: Regarding the charge of witness tampering, Bemba has already served over 80 per cent of the maximum sentence of five years, given that he was served an arrest warrant in November Who is Jean-Pierre Bemba? The adoption of the electoral law by both houses of the national assembly does not signify that the legal framework for elections is complete.

Bemba found refuge at the South African embassy and negotiated his departure to exile in Portugal in April. Parliament took three months of debate to reject most of the amendments proposed by the ruling party PPRD. Ideally, of course, Kabila will lou aside and permit opposition leaders to run.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hide Footnote Crucially, voter registration influences the political weight of provinces, given that the number of seats per province is determined by their numbers of voters.

Perhaps most important, it proposed changes to the way in which deputies are elected. Deputies will convene for an extraordinary session in July and the senators will meet in August to finalise the annexes to the electoral law, which include determining electoral districts. Hide Footnote Education criteria were also introduced for all candidates electorqle coupled with criteria for experience.

Furthermore the constitutional principle of parity between men and women [fn] Article 14 of the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Official Journal, 18 February Bemba has the profile to mount a serious bid for top office. On 15 June the Congolese Parliament adopted, after nearly three months of debate, the new electoral law.


Élections en RDC : l’opposition réclame l’invalidation des candidatures du pouvoir

Their often opportunistic past trajectories could make alliance building easier, but it also means they may first have to overcome some bad blood. In an attempt to prevent the use of state resources for campaigns, parliamentarians retained the prohibition of the managers of public companies and civil servants competing as candidates. Managers of combined companies state and private are, however, permitted to run. That said, a more competitive contest could also prove a epectorale for violence and will make it all the more important that Congolese citizens and politicians regard the vote as credible.

Hide Footnote As inthe diaspora has not been enfranchised.

However, the MLC is still one of the major opposition formations and has one of four opposition representatives — with Nadine Mishika Tshishima, who is deputy quaestor deputy head of finances — in the electoral commission CENI.

The government may even be tempted rddc stimulate further communal electorals in the provinces to prise apart opposition candidates and make alliance building harder. Despite his acquittal, Bemba was not immediately freed because he is still awaiting final sentence in the separate case in which he was found guilty of influencing witnesses in relation to the principal case.

Hide Footnote parliamentarians upped the pressure by delaying their scrutiny of the text, electorape then linking final debates of the bill to salary negotiations. This would increase prospects of an opposition vote splintered among different major candidates, each largely relying of votes from their respective regional strongholds.

Media and Elections

elecyorale For President Kabila, whose attempts to retain power face stiff domestic and international opposition — or for a successor Kabila anoints — Bemba represents a threat. Which opposition leaders will be able to run?

Thus, as inthe Supreme Court of Justice will settle electoral disputes. Such an electoral disposition would have obstructed independents 63 were elected ineliminated some smaller parties from national representation 56 parties currently have less than 5 seats, including 31 with only 1 seat and, as such, would have put an end to the necessity of political alliances which has dominated parliamentary life during this legislature. Why does it matter? Hide Footnote As in some other African countries, [fn] From South Africa to Chad, attempts at politicizing traditional chieftains by political powers are numerous.


If the vote is any guide, Bemba could expect to gather strong support.

Présidence de la République Démocratique du Congo | Portail officiel

They fear that people from the west could take revenge on flectorale Swahili speakers from the east, associated with the Kabila regime since The prospect of changes to the voting system used for deputies crystallised opposition against elecforale proposed law. International actors, particularly the African leaders whose pressure has been instrumental in moving electoral preparations forward thus far, should continue their push for Kabila to stand aside, for the government to allow opposition politicians to stand and for a credible vote.

On 4 Julya memorandum by the opposition party UDPS complaining of voter registration irregularities gave rise to the first clash between police and protesters in Kinshasa.

Annexes to the electoral law defining district boundaries and the allocation of seats to districts must be adopted by Parliament before candidate registration starts. Finally, the new text stipulated that the 24 communes of Kinshasa would become electoral districts, replacing the four existing districts.

Hide Footnote However, as yet these courts have not been created. During his imprisonment in Electorape Hague, Bemba remained president of the MLC and senator, and even hoped to run in the presidential election. A year later, he was arrested on flectorale ICC warrant in Belgium.