View and Download LUX TX Series installation and operating instructions online. TX Series Thermostat pdf manual download. Thermostats such as the Lux , the Smart Temp , TX, Lux HP are functional energy saving tools, but when Follow these instructions to reprogram it to the schedule you want. My Lux TX E is locked – how do I unlock it?. Buy Lux TXE for the lowest price available online! Presenting the new Lux ® TXE, a programmable thermostat that allows users to easily Manuals (3).

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This setting is now complete, and will not manial unless you adjust it again. If you have a Furnace, ensure this is set to “Fn”. Now you can see the batteries to tell what type they are.

Enter text from picture: Press up on the button on bottom of thermostat and swing the body away from the base. To change the Swing setting, turn the dial ttx500e RUN mode.

LUX TX500 Series Installation And Operating Instructions

It cannot be used with 3-wire zone valves, volt heating systems, or multi-stage heat pumps. The programs for each Temperature mode are programmed separately. When you are finished performing your installation and setup options, please remove the thin plastic film that is protecting the LCD display screen on the front of the thermostat.


Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Page of 3 Go. In the Days mode, the display will count down the number of calendar days remaining before a filter change is recommended.

Lux Products Thermostat TXE User Guide |

This sequence of keys will lock and also unlock these items: Locate the thermostat on an inside wall, about 5 ft. This thermostat is protected against normal minor static electric discharges, however to minimize the risk of damaging the unit maunal extremely dry weather, touch a grounded metal object before touching your thermostat. For more detailed instructions turn to the Lux website and download the detailed instruction guides: Complete, Easy To Read.

Do not locate in a damp area. This article has also been viewedtimes. Once a Hold is initiated, the thermostat will maintain the Hold set temperature indefinitely. On new installations, follow the kanual listed below. Attach labels enclosed to each wire for identifi. Thermostats such as the Luxthe Smart TempTX, Lux HP are functional energy saving tools, but when the thermostat’s schedule gets out of sync you could find yourself shivering unnecessarily.

Lux Txe Wiring – Wiring Diagram Todays

Write down the letters printed near each wire terminal that is used, and the color of the wire that is connected to it. This warranty does not cover damage by accident, misuse, or failure to follow installation instructions. You will be programming both Saturday and Tx500s at the same time.


Use this setting if you have a Gas or Oil heating system. To cancel a Hold, press and release the HOLD button once again, rotate the dial, or change the Temperature mode switch. Replace them and mark the date down somewhere, they will need to be replaced in about a year.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Decide what temperature you want at various times of the day.

Then follow the installation procedures, one step at a. Wiring Diagrams Limited Warranty: Position the base for best appearance to hide any marks from an old thermostat. When you are finished setting all four periods, you may continue pushing the NEXT button through all four periods to review your entries, or turn the dial to RUN if you are finished. There is no numeric keypad. Open the thermostat and press “reset” with an open paperclip or other small pointy object.

When they are all labeled, carefully kux the wires one at a time, making sure that they do not fall back inside the wall.

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